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Genesis of Chale Chalo

"CHALE CHALO" - two Inspiring Hindi Words; Literary Mean “Let’s Move Forward”. It is a Grassroots Development Organization with Professional Commitment that emerged from the campaign to instill self-confidence among the victims of devastated super cyclone that hit Odisha in 1999. More than 300 volunteers under the dynamic leadership of the young social activist Mr. Ranjit Kumar Swain had extended all sorts of supports and cooperation to local communities, government and non-government agencies in their relief and rehabilitation works in Kendrapara District of Odisha. After 5 years of its informal existence, in 2005 “CHALE CHALO” was registered under Indian Trust Act –1882. Since then it has been closely working with different development actors in Odisha where majority of people reeling under abject poverty and are victims of disasters, exploitation, violence, inequality, injustice, violation of human rights, poor governance and environmental degradation. The people involved in CHALE CHALO mostly hail from socio-political movements and have long experiences in people’s centered development initiatives. Chale Chalo believes in Gandhian Principles of Non-Violence, democratic, inclusive, equitable, just and Sustainable Development.

Brief History of Chale Chalo

From 2005 to 2009 the focus was experimenting new development ideas, consolidation of organizational base. From 2009 to 2014 the organization experienced in handling big project like EMCOR (Empowering Marginalized Communities for their Rights and Poverty Reduction through Community Radio in KBK Region Odisha), supported by DFID/IVDT-UK and strengthening capacity and knowledge base within Chale Chalo. Since 2014 focus had been more on consolidation of organizational strengths and strategically intervention in selected thematic areas, networking, alliance building, cooperation & collaboration and more results oriented actions and management. In due course of time the organization has developed understanding on most pressing needs / problems of its areas of operation and finalized to work in specific areas and on specific issues like – Mangroves Regeneration, Protection, Conservation and Management through Community Participation, Environment Education; Campaign and Actions in Kendrapara District, Improving Quality Education among Marginalized Tribal Students in Sundargarh District, Legal Empowerment of Marginalized Women, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and other Groups and Access to Justice, Poverty Reduction Programs and Basic Services, ensuring Rights of the Children and addressing emerging issues pertaining to health, nutrition, education, food security and poverty etc. in KBK Region and some cross cutting issues like responding to natural and man-made disasters and needs of the vulnerable groups, improving governance, livelihoods promotion, protection of environment and human resource development etc as cross cutting issues in operational districts and beyond. The networking, advocacy, partnership building, collaboration and cooperation with other like minded organizations / groups and agencies have been strengthened each year.

Key Funded Projects/Programs/Events Implemented in Past / Continuing

Sl. No. Name of Projects / Programs / Actions Funding source Period Standing
1 Child Community Radio – Voice to Voiceless marginalized children in 28 villages of Nuapada district for their rights CRY - Kolkata Since July 2007 Continuing
2 Mangrove Regeneration, Protection, Conservation and Management through Community Participation IVDT - UK Since July 2008 Continuing
3 Making Right to Education Work in Tribal Areas (Kuarmunda Block of Sundargarh District) OXFAM India April 2013 to Sept 2014 (18 Months) Completed
4 Improving Access to Quality Education for Marginalized Tribal Students (Kuarmunda Block of Sundargarh District) OXFAM India Since October 2014 Continuing
5 Odisha Budget Advocacy and Campaign – Nuapada District partner & Study on ICDS (as Network Member) CYSD - BBSR Since 2011 Continuing
6 Promotion of volunteerism among youths in western Odisha (Event Based) PATANGA – Sambalpur 2013-14 Completed
7 CCRP- Coalition for Child Rights Protection (Network – events and campaign based) Basundhara – Cuttack Since 2011 Continuing
8 Study & Action for Activation of ICDS Centres & Primary Schools & Campaign on Child Rights Issues (Network – event and campaign based) VCRO – Bhubaneswar Since 2007 Continuing
9 Empowering Marginalized Communities for their rights and poverty reduction through community radio in 60 villages of Nuapada, Kalahandi and Bolangir DFID / IVDT - UK 57 months (Since July 2009) Completed and Follow up initiated
10 EMCOR Follow Up – Focusing on Improving Access to Poverty Reduction Programs and Basic Services among Poor Families / Villagers IVDT - UK Since April 2014 Continuing
11 Environment Education in Odisha – Pilot phase IVDT-UK (2008-09) Six months Completed
12 Organization Development Support to Chale Chalo IVDT – UK (2008-2010) 24 months Completed
13 Community Monitoring under NRHM in Pattamundai Block MOH &FW, through PFI, New Delhi & OMRAHA, Odisha (2008 – 09) 8 months Completed
14 Promotion of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Nuapada Department of Agriculture – GoO (2009) 6 months Completed
15 WE CAN – Campaign as Nuapada district partner for Prevention of Violence against Women (Network) AINA – BBSR, RARE – Sonepur 2008 to 2011 Completed
16 Chale Chalo Core Cost for further Fund Raising and Functioning of State Office (Separated from other projects of IVDT-UK) IVDT – UK Since January 2014 Continuing
17 Barefoot Project Proposal Stage 2 Preparation IVDT – UK 2014 (Six Months) Completed
18 Barefoot Lawyers Project IVDT / Big Lottery Funds - UK Since July 2016 Continuing