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CRY - Child Community Radio Project: Quality Health, Nutrition, Education, Protection and Participation Rights for Marginalized Children in Khariar and Boden Block of Nuapada District:

The Goal of the Project is to ensure access to Quality Health Services and Education to the Marginalized Children through their participation in 28 Villages in Nuapada District in Odisha

The Objectives of the Project are as Follows:-

Activities and Achievements

Interface Workshop on ICDS Services and RTE

2 Interface Workshops were organized among service providers, beneficiaries, PRIs, SMCs and other stakeholders in order to bring them together to share their ideas and problems, develop common understanding on the issues related to ICDS & RTE and address them collectively. The Interface Workshop on ICDS Service was organized at Kikiribeda and on RTE at Chale Chalo Conference Hall, Khariar. Total 78 nos. of participants (Female 36 and Male 42) including AWWs, Janch Committee Members, Adolescent Girls, Pregnant Women, Lactating Mothers, ASHA, BRCC, ABEO, CRCC, SMCs and PRIs’ Members, NGOs and CBs representatives, Lady Sector Supervisor and others actively participated in the Interface Workshops. The participants emphasized on proper implementation of 6 basic services of ICDS - SNFP, Health Check - Up, Immunization, Pre-School Education, Referral Service and Health Education. In the RTE Interface Workshop the participants raised the issues related to pre-school education, expansion of RTE purview to 3 to 6 and 15 to 18 years old children, RTE provisions in schools, quality education, MDM, SDP and streamlining internal monitoring mechanism etc. They discussed about the structure, roles and responsibilities of PTA and SMC at village level and Education Standing Committee at GP level. The participants resolved to ensure better services in ICDS Centers and quality education in Schools.

Capacity Building Training for Child Rights Clubs’ Members

1 Capacity Building Training was organized at Mahulpada Primary School on 27.06.2014 for members of Child Rights Clubs on child rights, observation and appeal cards, identification and preparation of radio episode, script writings, rehearsal, record and broadcasting in the radio, age and class appropriate learning levels, quality aspects in education and managing curricular and co – curricular activities. In the CB training program total 38 students (18 girls and 20 boys) were present and had actively participated in different exercises and group works. Project Coordinator and Community Reporter facilitated the CB training.

Capacity Building Workshop for SMCs’ Members on RTE and SDP

1 Capacity Building Training for SMCs’ Members on RTE and SDP was organized on 22.09.2014 at BRRGSK, Boden. 16 female and 22 male had participated in the program. Mr. Hiralal Majhi, Advocate & Samiti member of Bhaisadani GP and Mr. Tularam Barge, CRCC, Karlakote facilitated technical sessions on RTE and SDP. Project Coordinator and Community Reporter supported in conducting sessions. The focus of the workshop was for imparting knowledge on RTE Act and developing skills for preparation of realistic School Development Plan and strategies for ensuring proper implementation of RTE provisions in schools and ensuring continuous improvement in school environment by following the SDP. The SMC members were oriented on new guidelines on SMC structure, formation, functioning, roles and responsibilities of SMC members. They discussed about the problems of the schools and need for improved learning environment for children. They discussed about inclusion of trained teachers and provisions for quality infrastructure, furniture and TLMs in SDP as per RTE norms.

District Level Mega Sishu Mela

District level Mega Sishu Mela was organized on dated 28.09.2014 at Bharat Nirman Rajiv Gandhi Seva Kendra, Khudpej. 206 children (110 girls and 96 boys) from different child clubs of Khariar and Boden blocks had participated in various fun making and joyful events during the Mega Sishu Mela and fully enjoyed their childhood. Smt. Jyosna Manjari Barik, Samiti Member, Khudpej GP, Mr. Govinda Bihari Barik, Sarpanch, Bargaon GP. Mr. Tankadhar Yadav, HM, Panchayat High School, Khudpej, Mr. Arakshita Chalan, CRCC, Chalanpada joined in the program as honorable guests and encouraged the children for identifying, nurturing and developing their hidden talents and making them as responsible citizens of India. Children performed dances, songs, drama, one act play, comedy shows and jokes and eagerly participated in drawing, painting, essay writing, script writing for drama and story and poem writing. Project team spread the message of Children’s Right to Survival, Protection, Development and Participation. The parents, volunteers, villagers and guests were very much impressed about the Mega Sishu Mela events and strong message for bringing children into the center stage of their development as equal partner and the innovative way for spreading the message for protection and promotion of child rights.

Publication of Child Newsletter “Mor Tune Mor Kathani

A quarterly newsletter for child rights club members and listeners of child community radio program has been published and distributed among the children, teachers, volunteers and others regularly. The newsletter has given space and opportunity to the underprivileged children in Nuapada District to publish their own creations and ideas. The newsletter has published the details of child radio contents, drawings, paintings, poems, short stories, articles and life experience of the children and their collections about important news, quotes and life of great men and women and news paper clippings etc.

Child Community Radio Program “MOR TUNE MOR KATHAN

As on dated 31st March 2015 all together 278 nos. of child community radio episodes have been prepared, broadcast and narrowcast with involvement of child artists, singers, narrators, script writers, managers and recorders. The Child Community Radio Program “Mor Tune Mor Kathani” is being regularly broadcasted by AIR, Bhawanipatna on Sunday from 1.20 PM to 1.50 PM. This year we have produced and broadcast 52 child community radio programs. The listeners of this program have sent their feedback and suggestions through postcards, letters, phone calls, SMSs and visiting to Chale Chalo studio at Khariar. Around 400 letters received by Chale Chalo, Khariar, from the listeners so far with good remarks and positive responses. Besides, hundreds of letters have been sent by the listeners directly to AIR – Bhawanipatna. Children have been trained in making child community radio program and got involved in every stages – starting from conceptualization to script development, rehearsal, recording, narration, production, listening the broadcasting and organizing narrowcasting with the support of project team

Tracking of ICDS Centers and Supporting for their Proper Functioning

The CRY – Child Community Radio Project team has been quarterly tracking the provisions in 27 AWCs in project villages. They are helping the AWWs, Janch Committee members, beneficiaries and their family members and villagers to find the gaps and collectively work to resolve the problems and improve the situation. The effectiveness of six services, accessibility, infrastructure and quality of services of ICDS Centers have been recorded, tracked and compared of the situation in every quarter for remedial measures through collective actions at beneficiaries, communities and service providers’ levels and brining the situation to the notice of the concern authorities. The project has organized regular meetings with ICDS workers and interface of communities with concern officials for quality ICDS services. Orientations of JCs, GKSs and PRIs’ members on ICDS provisions, identification of problems and finding their solutions have been organized for better functioning of ICDS Centers. Community Radio episodes have been prepared and broadcasted in order to create awareness on roles and responsibilities of service providers and supporting staff like - CDPO, Supervisor, AWW, Helper, Asha and Health Workers for ensuring all provisions in ICDS Centers. Follow up actions have been taken with the Jancha committees, AWWs and others and required supports provided for continuously improving the status of ICDS Centers

Communityu Growth Monitoring of Malnourished Children and Supports for Remedial Measures:

We are conducting monthly growth monitoring of malnourished children in 16 selected villages and ensuring SNP, Immunization, special care, education to parents and referral services by supporting Janch Committees and service providers. All the malnourished children have been recorded, tracked and supported regularly for required supplementary food and treatment with mobilization of parents, village volunteers, PRIs and service providers at AWC, HSC, PHC, CHC and District Hospital levels. Besides, the project team has conducted Intensive village meetings and counseling of mothers and family members on negative impacts of malnutrition in their children’s life, importance of early childhood care and available services in ICDS Centers, Nutritional Rehabilitation Centre and home based remedies for preventing and curing malnutrition. Home visits have been made to families of malnourished children for ensuring remedial measures, speedy recovery and desired growth. Meetings have been conducted with AWWs and ANMs to follow the cases of malnourished and high risk PW & LM. The project has facilitated the linkages of the families of malnourished children, PW, LMs with government schemes, programs and services. 76 numbers Sever Acute Malnourished (SAM) children had been identified and referred to district hospital for better treatment.

Observation of Important Days

Project team along with students, teachers and service providers had organized various important days for sensitization of stakeholders and positive changes of the prevailing situation. The team had organized Children’s Day, International Women’s Day, Independence Day and Republic Day etc. Besides, the team had actively participated in the Village Health and Nutrition Day organized at ICDS centers and assisted the PWs, LMs and Children to get benefit their improving their nutritional and health status.

Facilitation for Formation of SMCs, GP Level Standing Committees on Education and Child Protection Committees

The organization has facilitated for formation of 23 SMCs and 6 GP Level Standing Committees as per new guidelines in Khariar and Boden Block for better schools management, school development, child friendly learning environment in schools, improving quality in education and bringing the children to the desirable learning levels etc. For protection of children from exploitation in the form of child labor and distress migration, sexual abuse, physical harm and mental harassment at the grassroots level, the Child Protection Committees at GP Level are very important. The Child Protection committees are being made active to prevent the child rights violation cases and support the victims for getting justice and get rid of the ordeal due to un-protective environment and repeated violation of child rights. The organization has taken keen interest in formation of 6 GP level Child Protection Committees and closely working with the DCPO for safeguarding children conflicting with laws and support children in need of care and protection and create awareness for protection of children from getting harmed and exploited by any means and facilitate to get proper education, health and nutrition services, safe environment and enjoy their childhood.

Migration tracking in 28 villages

Nuapada district is very prone to seasonal distress migration. Every year thousands of people including the children are migrating to Andhra Pradesh, Utter Pradesh, Mumbai, Surat, Jammu, Chhatishgarh, Madhya Pradesh and some other parts within Odisha and India. The villager volunteers had recorded that 87 numbers child laborers along with their families had been migrated from 28 project villages. We are advocating at different levels for better implementation of MGNREGA and other development works with focus on timely payment of wages. Sensitization meetings have been conducted for registration of details of the migrant families in District Labor Office and in Gram Panchayats for record and necessary actions.

Facilitated to the Mosquito Net distribution programme of Health department

On dated 25.06.2012 the immunization day was observed in Kirejhola village. HWF Smt Charulata Naik, HWM Rajkumar Dandasena, HWM Ajit Behera, Kirekela AWW Sarojini Tandi, Tangripada AWW Bendri Harijan and ASHA Kuntala Nag joined in the program. In this immunization camp free mosquito net was distributed among the pregnant women. Community Reporter of Chale Chalo facilitated awareness meeting on prevention of Malaria and supported service providers in distributing mosquito nets.

Regular meetings and discussion with the Village Level Volunteers

During the field visit of our project staff, we had organized several meetings in the project and beyond project villages for the village level volunteers. Regular debates and discussions on the regional focal issues were held with the active participation of the villagers and different groups like children’s clubs, radio listeners, women groups, farmers’ groups, youth clubs, PRIs, teachers, health service providers, children groups etc. PRA exercises by the children have been done in 28 villages for preparation of child community radio episodes. Regular Focus Groups and Village Level Meetings have been organized for identification of different local issues directly and indirectly affecting the life and growth of children. Scriptwriters, singers and program performers were identified and promoted through child clubs meetings.

Facilitated the Science exhibition in Thakpali Project Upper Primary School

On 8.12.2014 a Science Exhibition was made at Thakpali PUPS in collaboration with BEO, Khariar. 30 students participated in the program. They displayed projects on various themes on science like Globe, 3 R (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse), Nutritious Foods, Forest & Environment etc. Block Education Officer Mr. Rajesh Prasad Bankira addressed the gatherings as Chief Guest and distributed prizes and certificates among children. Project Team supported and facilitated the program.

Swachha Bharat Abhiyan in Thakpali & Dudukibahal Village:

Swachha Bharat Abhiyan programs were organized by child club members of Thakpali and Dudukibahal on dated 13.12.2014 & 20.12.2014 respectively. At Thakpali total 120 children, 5 teachers, 20 Chale Chalo Staffs and volunteers joined in the program. At Dudukibahal Total 260 children, 8 teachers and 22 staffs and volunteers of Chale Chlao joined in the program Firstly the participants cleaned the school campus and then village road, platforms and nearby areas of tube wells and drains of village. After the cleaning of different places, the participants had organized a mass rally with slogan on importance of cleanliness, good health & sanitation to create awareness among the villagers. The Project Coordinator and Community Reporters of Chale Chalo facilitated the Swachha Bharat Abhiyan

Review and Planning Process and Assessment of Project Outcomes

The project staffs and volunteers have held monthly review and planning meetings with the presence of chairman and/or director and made all efforts to ensure the project progress is in track and moving for achieving the objectives. Besides, special review and planning meetings and field visits made by the director and chairman for ensuring quality implementation and desired outputs. The joint quarterly and annual review and planning process have been facilitated by CRY – Kolkata by involving beneficiaries, project staffs, functionaries, senior staffs and volunteers for taking the interventions to next level for bringing maximum positive impacts on the lives of marginalized children. The organization has submitted monthly updates, quarterly activities and financial progress report, annual review and planning document along with audited UC of the project. The organization has timely submitted the annual report, audit report, FC returns, IT Returns, other legal documents and responded to queries as and when required by CRY.

Other Activities under CRY – Child Community Radio Project