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This project is experimenting with new ideas and approaches in using the existing pro-poor laws to achieve gender justice and poverty reduction for dalit and tribal women in remote rural areas. The project has emphasised on the legal empowerment of SC/ST women, and specifically enabling them to take legal remedies for accessing justice, poverty reduction programs and basic services, and, through this approach, establish fundamental change for themselves and for their communities. It is being implemented on the principles of inclusion and non-discrimination. The project has created ample opportunities and scope for direct involvement and ownership of primary and other stakeholders on issues and project actions. The duration of the project is 3 years from July 2015 to June 2018 and has been supported by Big Lottery Funds and Integrated Village Development (IVD) Trust - UK

Project Aim:

The aim of the project is the legal empowerment of SC/ST women, enabling them to protect their rights, and access justice, poverty reduction programmes and basic services, increasing their control over their lives.

Expected Project Outcomes:

Project Area:

100 Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe dominated villages and hamlets in Boden, Khariar and Sinapali Block of Nuapada District in Odisha, India


The project is working with 9250 scheduled caste and scheduled tribe women covering around 31000 family members in 100 villages & hamlets. 100 Dalit and Adivasi Women’s Forums (DAWFs) have been established to provide a safe framework within which these disadvantaged women are building their skills and confidence to take action in the public arena. Working with 180 Community Justice Mentors (120f, 60m), 180 Barefoot Lawyers (120f, 60m) drawn from the beneficiaries, the project team has been involving the women in participatory mapping of injustice and rights denial, development of legal literacy and action, and improvements to the justice delivery system, especially the use of the Right to Information, Odisha Right to Public Service Act, Gram Nyayalayas Act and other pro-poor, pro-women and pro-SC/ST Policies, Acts, Schemes and Programs. The project team is also providing guidance and support to scheduled caste and scheduled tribe women to claim and access their rights and entitlements. The project team is working closely with other CSOs, justice providers, program Implementers, service providers, and elected representatives and engage and capacitate them for facilitating the SC/ST women empowerment process for promotion of their human rights and inclusive development.

Major Activities under Barefoot Lawyers Project :

Annual Activities Progress Report for the Period from 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016

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